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Privacy Policy - we respect your privacy
Your computer Information about you Emails

We do not read anything from your computer.

We do not ourselves write anything to your computer.

We do not write or read 'cookies' (little files that many web sites put on your computer, for example so that they can identify you next time you visit their site).

If you click on a link and go to the web site of another company (for example a company that sells magazines), that company may have a different policy concerning cookies. In particular, they may leave a cookie so that they can see from which web site (this one) you got a link to their web site.

You may wish to check that company's policies before you give them your email address or any other information about you.

We receive a statistical report that tells us how many people visit the site, how many times each page is read, and other general information about the use of the site. That report does not identify any visitor to the site. We are not able to identify any visitor to the site in any other way.

We do not seek, do not know, and therefore cannot keep, any information about you.

You can contact us using the contact form without giving us your name or your email address.

If you would like a response we will need your email address but will use it only to respond to you.

If you send an email, we will respond. We will keep a copy of your email and our response for about 2 weeks, or until any follow-up correspondence is finished.

We will not keep a copy of your email address once the correspondence has been finished.

We will not use your email address for any other reason than to respond to you.

We will not pass your email address to any other person or organisation, or arrange for it to be put on any mailing list.